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How to Push Support Requests to Teamwork Project Task Lists
Have you ever wished there was an app that would automatically send all your client support requests straight to your Teamwork Project task list? Because then, you'd have support tasks right where you need them -- instantly -- and you could assign them to the right team members
How Web and Design Agencies Can Easily Resolve Client Support Requests and Design Changes
SNDIT - The Easiest Way to Resolve Client Support Requests and Design Changes  
How To Pull Jumpcloud Directory-as-a-Service Machine Data Through With IT Support Requests
You finally made the leap. You got Jumpcloud to help you manage and oversee every computer within your organization, without needing a local server. But now you’ve run into another problem.
SNDIT vs Zapier: Who Wins Best Support Request Tool?
If there’s one thing successful business owners and managers know how to do, it’s leverage tools to make managing their operations easier.
How To Send Screen Grabs Directly Into Slack
Tired of getting support requests with not enough information? You’re busy; you don’t have time for all that back and forth.