How To Pull Jumpcloud Directory-as-a-Service Machine Data Through With IT Support Requests

You finally made the leap. You got Jumpcloud to help you manage and oversee every computer within your organization, without needing a local server. But now you’ve run into another problem. Now that you’re on a cloud-based directory-as-a-service platform, how do you get IT support tickets to your IT department that include all of the wonderful Jumpcloud data you just configured?

That’s where SNDIT comes in. When you hook SNDIT to your Jumpcloud, your employees can push IT support tickets straight to your company’s ticketing system, and SNDIT will pull all the critical Jumpcloud user profile data your IT team needs, such as:

  • Their email

  • Machine number

  • Operating system/version

  • IP address

  • User groups

  • Applications

  • Directories

And that’s not all. Team members can even take screen grabs and annotate them using the simple SNDIT browser extension, giving your IT department all of the above listed items, PLUS the perfect visual guidance needed to fix everything up ASAP.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your team members run into an issue on their computer.

  2. They click the SNDIT browser extension.

  3. They add comments about their issue and take a screen grab, annotating it to show the exact problem.

  4. They click SNDIT and then…*here’s where the magic happens* Their IT support ticket is automatically sent straight to your company’s ticketing system. (Trello, Teamwork Desk, etc)

Here’s what your IT department will be working with:

Jumpcloud IT Support Request

In addition or alternatively, you can have SNDIT push those screen grabs right into your Slack channel where your IT team can immediately see them and remedy the situation.

Imagine how much more efficiently your company will handle employee IT support requests with all that information pulled from Jumpcloud.

That’s the power of SNDIT.

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