How to Push Support Requests to Teamwork Project Task Lists

Have you ever wished there was an app that would automatically send all your client support requests straight to your Teamwork Project task list? Because then, you'd have support tasks right where you need them -- instantly -- and you could assign them to the right team members to take care of them as soon as possible. And what if those support requests were the perfect support requests, containing every bit of information you need to handle them?

With SNDIT, they will be.

All your clients have to do is click the simple SNDIT browser extension, comment as if they were about to send an email, and take a screen grab of whatever the issue is on their web page. Then, they can annotate that screen grab with text and arrows, giving you the perfect visual guidance to handle their support request. Then they just click send and it gets pushed straight to your designated Teamwork Project task list you chose in your SNDIT dashboard.

It's as simple as click, comment, annotate and SNDIT.

The best part? SNDIT automatically pushes to you everything you need to take care of their issue, such as browser type and version, and operating system and version. It combines this with your client’s comments and annotated screengrab to compile a perfect support ticket.

Here’s what it looks like after it’s instantly pushed to your Teamwork Project task list:

Teamwork Project Support Request

The Benefits?

No support requests will ever get lost in the shuffle. Plus, imagine how much time that would cut from your workflow, saving you from the client email game, no longer having to message back and forth to figure out exactly what they’re talking about, and you'll never again have to ask for their browser/OS information. Yeah, that's all gone. With SNDIT, you save a ton of company time -- time you can now use to scale your business.

Bonus: SNDIT comes with FREE uptime monitoring using Chkit, an app that sends instant notifications when a site or web app goes down.

Simple and Convenient Client Setup

You may now be wondering, how do I get my clients to actually use the SNDIT Chrome screengrab extension? Well, it's actually way easier than you might think! When you add a new customer to your group, SNDIT will automatically send an email invite to set them up with your group. You can also customize each user using the notes field, adding custom data points associated with each specific user. Then, every time they submit a screengrab or support request to Teamwork Project, the custom information will pull through for that user.

SNDIT in Every Corner of Your Business

SNDIT is not exclusive to Teamwork Project. The app can be integrated to push screengrabs directly to your Slack channel or email, and bug reports can be sent directly to your bug-tracking tools such as Trello and Github. And if you have an IT department, SNDIT integrates beautifully with Jumpcloud to create the perfect IT support requests.

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