How To Send Screen Grabs Directly Into Slack

Tired of getting support requests with not enough information? You’re busy; you don’t have time for all that back and forth. Now’s your chance to save valuable time, with SNDIT, the simple Chrome extension that allows your clients to snap and annotate screenshots of bugs and glitches and instantly send them to your team’s Slack channel.

Imagine how much easier your life would become if your customers sent you support requests complete with perfectly clear visual guidance. Imagine all the information you needed, such as browser info and OS, were automatically grabbed so your customers didn’t have to bother finding them.

Now, imagine all of this was automatically pushed to your Slack channel for the whole team to see, discuss and complete.

That’s the power of SNDIT.

Clients simply open their SNDIT Chrome extension, and no matter what web page they are on, they can screen grab anything, from anywhere. Then, they can annotate it, attach a message, and send it to your Slack within seconds.

What does that mean for you?

  • No more back and forth with emails

  • No disconnected collaboration among team members

  • No support requests get lost in the shuffle

Better yet, SNDIT comes with FREE uptime monitoring and sends instant notifications when a site goes down.

Use SNDIT FREE Forever: Setup Takes Under a Minute!

After a couple simple clicks in your dashboard, you'll have SNDIT hooked up to the Slack channel of your choice. Then all you have to do is have your clients download the SNDIT browser extension, allowing them to instantly create and annotate screen grabs with their bug reports and support requests.


Image of Support Widget


As soon as your clients hit SNDIT, their support request instantly gets pushed to your Slack channel, and your team collaborates to take care of it as quickly as possible, with all the information they need.

Slack Channel Support Request

How do you get your clients to download the Chrome screengrab extension? When you add a customer to your group, SNDIT will send an email invite for them to join your group. The notes field allows you to add custom data points associated with the user (customer or team member). Every time they submit a screengrab or support request to slack, the custom information will pull through with that user.


SNDIT User Setup


What happens when you get instant support requests, with annotated screen grabs, right to your Slack channel? Well, magic happens.

  • You fix bugs and satisfy requests quicker than ever before, leading to higher client satisfaction.

  • Your team can handle a higher volume of requests without having to increase overhead by bringing on more team members.

And ultimately, your business as a whole becomes more efficient, directly improving your bottom line.

Visit SNDIT today to learn more about how you can streamline your workflow, provide seamless communication and implement SNDIT into nearly every corner of your business, including other messaging apps, project management systems and issue tracking tools.

SNDIT provides three users with full functionality for FREE... FOREVER.

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