How Web and Design Agencies Can Easily Resolve Client Support Requests and Design Changes

SNDIT - The Easiest Way to Resolve Client Support Requests and Design Changes


As a web design and development agency, you’re constantly juggling many problems at once. In particular, clients. You’re constantly dealing with clients sending you support requests, bugs or edits.

The problem is, you often don’t get all the information you need to handle their request promptly. They either don’t give you the details you need, such as browser version or operating system, or the requests are just downright confusing because your clients aren’t very tech savvy. This costs you a lot of time in back and forth through email as you try to figure out what they want their UX to look like, or how to fix the bug that's causing them a headache.

Well that’s all about to change.

At SNDIT, we’ve come up with the solution -- the SNDIT app. It’s a simple browser extension that allows you to get perfect feedback and support requests from your clients and employees, every time. All you have to do is simply have your clients and team download the SNDIT browser extension, and then whenever they have a support request or need something changed, all they have to do is:

  1. Click the SNDIT browser extension in the top right.
  2. Comment on what they need, just as if they were sending an email.
  3. Take a screen grab of their issue on any page, and then they can annotate the screen grab, inserting text boxes explaining the exact problem they’re having, and adding arrows to further visually guide your support team.
  4. Click SNDIT and their request is automatically pushed to whatever project management tools you’ve hooked to SNDIT.

It’s as simple as click, comment, annotate and SNDIT.

Requests can be pushed to your Slack channel, email, Github,Teamwork ProjectTrello and your ticketing system such as Teamwork Desk.

And that’s not all.

SNDIT is extra powerful because not only do you get the client’s screen grab and commentary, but SNDIT also automatically pulls through all of the information you need to remedy their issue, such as:

  • Browser name

  • Browser version

  • Operating system type

  • Operating system version

Here’s what it looks like pushed directly to your Slack channel.

Slack Channel Support Request

And you can have that sent to your email, Teamwork Project, Trello or Github. Use just one or use them all!

It makes life so much easier for you and your team. You save a lot more time, which equals more money because your business is more efficient as you get projects done more quickly. There are less distractions so you can get more work done and please your clients with faster turnarounds.

Now, you can SCALE.

That’s the power of SNDIT.

Visit SNDIT today to learn more about how you can streamline your workflow, engage in seamless client/team communication and implement SNDIT into nearly every corner of your business.

SNDIT provides three users with full functionality for free -- for life.

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