SNDIT vs Zapier: Who Wins Best Support Request Tool?

If there’s one thing successful business owners and managers know how to do, it’s leverage tools to make managing their operations easier. If you can save time, you can save money, and when you save money, you have more to reinvest into your business, creating a huge competitive advantage.

Zapier is one of the big players when it comes to making business automation a whole heck of a lot easier, but at SNDIT, we're throwing our hat in the ring. Comparisons are to be made, and a winner must be hashed out. So today we have for you…

SNDIT vs Zapier

At SNDIT, we’ve created a new contender in the realm of business automation apps, with powerful features aimed at making support requests much simpler to handle.

Let’s dig in.

Integration With Project Management Tools

Online businesses are using cloud project management software and messaging platforms to gather team members in one place for easy delegation and collaboration. Zapier and SNDIT are two of the top choices when it comes to support request integration with these tools. Let’s compare SNDIT vs. Zapier.

We will use Slack in this example.


Zapier has quite a suite of integrations for Slack, from pushing emails straight through to your channel and letting your sales team know when a Paypal sale has been made. How about for support requests specifically?

Well, you can push client emails straight to your Slack channel, helping your team see it right away and decreasing the chances of the client’s request getting lost in the shuffle.

Here’s what you get when you push client email support requests to your Slack channel:

Zapier request pushed to Slack channel.


SNDIT does things a little differently. First, it’s a Chrome extension, putting clients just one click away from sending you support requests. Second, SNDIT’s secret sauce was concocted with a focus specifically on support requests, automatically grabbing pertinent information such as browser version, operating system version, and annotated screen grabs.

More importantly, SNDIT allows your clients to give you easy visual feedback with its built-in screen capture tool. Your clients click the SNDIT Chrome extension symbol, type in their message and then take a screen grab of their web page to show exactly what the problem is. Even better, they can annotate the screen grab with text and arrows to give you perfect instructions.

Here’s what a SNDIT support request looks like when pushed to your Slack channel:

SNDIT request sent to Slack channel

There’s a pretty clear winner here. As you can see, SNDIT gives you everything you need to handle support requests ASAP. No more back and forth emails with clients to solve simple problems and requests. This is business, streamlined.

And SNDIT integrates with much more than just your Slack channel. You can get these perfect support tickets sent straight to your email, Teamwork, Teamwork Desk or your Drupal Application -- at no additional cost! SNDIT allows you to connect ALL your apps without paying extra.

Interested in using SNDIT as part of your IT support infrastructure - No problem!  Sndit allows you to pull user machine configurations and related configuration data using the directory-as-a-service integration. 

Pay a super low fee for SNDIT and you have all the connections available. No more getting nickel-and-dimed for every integration.

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